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Food Trading Company

The leading company in the Chinese wholesale of Italian fruit and vegetables​



In 2015, 168 Food Trading Company was established in Milan, Italy.


Its storage center is located near ORTOMERCATO DI MILANO, a large fruit and vegetable market in Milan that covers an area of ​​5,000 square meters. It has an independent transit warehouse, 4 cold rooms with different temperatures, parking spaces and equipped with a load flow platform.


168 Food Trading Company adopts direct purchasing method from global producers, transports seasonal fresh tropical fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products from farms and orchards by air directly to transit warehouses to ensure freshness and high quality of sources of fruit and vegetables.



Mainly engaged in the import and export business of fruit and vegetables in Southeast Asia, China and South America, highlighting its own advantages and controlling the three points "service, quality and price".


From 2015 to 2020 it took only 5 years to quickly transform into the largest Chinese vegetable, fruit and food trading company in Italy. During the five years of operation, the company has continuously improved the operating mechanism of the company, expanded its business philosophy and introduced modern management models in its operations and management.


The managers of the company also learn every year from the main international agricultural fairs, developing their own new industrial projects, improving the internal structure of the sector, trying new discoveries and providing Chinese traders and customers in Italy with more complete, fresh and fresh fruit and vegetables. high quality.


Daily sales of nearly 100,000 kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables, over a dozen transport routes in more than 30 urban areas, provide Chinese supermarkets and restaurants with good-value, quality fruit and vegetables.


All fruit and vegetables are delivered the same day. Fifteen trucks circulate on the highways of various Italian provinces and more than 200 Italian and Chinese traders buy fruit and vegetables only from Milan and the surrounding areas.


168 Food Trading Company not only supplies Chinese supermarkets and wholesalers, it has also opened the fruit and vegetable distribution business to Italian, Chinese and Japanese sushi chain restaurants and is also a partner of the main Italian supermarkets.


Avocados are the most consumed ingredient in Japanese meals. In order to reduce the cost of the product, 168 purchases the avocado directly from the place of origin of cultivation and clears customs for transportation, providing Japanese restaurants with a cheaper choice of ingredient.


The quality of monthly avocado sales reach more than 100 pallets per month.


Customer service-distribution-quality inspection-assembly-transportation, constant control of every step of the process is the key to 168's ability to quickly become an industry leader.


To maintain the freshness of the fruits and vegetables on delivery, 168 employees start their day at 4am every day.

In the future, 168 Food Trading Company will increase investment in building its brand image and develop its fruit and vegetable industry chain on the basis of the existing scale.


From farmland to market, from farmland to thousands of things, we provide state-of-the-art fruit and vegetable services to overseas compatriots, we become pioneers in the supply of fruit and vegetables for the Chinese in Italy and we work together to seek revitalization and development in the next phase of the epidemic!

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